3kStatic Gunrubber releasing 28 January 2022
The 3kStatic LP Gunrubber is available now on disc, digital, vinyl and cassette formats.

In a 23-year career that’s seen collaborations with luminary artists from across the music spectrum– all the while posting multiple DJ chart Top 25s, an iTunes Europe #1 album, and two-time GRAMMY® Award “Best Electronic Album” candidacies – the 3kStatic electronic music collective has continued to evolve, securing a unique place in the pantheon of deep-underground electronic music.

That evolution continues on Gunrubber, a 9-track concept album that employs the project’s Dadaist ‘cut and paste/found sound’ approach in an exploration of electronic music forms – past, present and future.

Lead single ‘I Want You’ is an electro house take on elements of the 1985 Cabaret Voltaire classic, and is accompanied by visuals from indie filmmaker Lawrence Hollie that also evoke the original Peter Care music video.

Taking its name from the late-Seventies Sheffield music ‘zine published by the late 3kStatic label manager and mentor Paul Bower, Gunrubber is dedicated to both Mr. Bower and also to the recently passed Richard H. Kirk of Cabaret Voltaire, who contributed sampled voice elements that would eventually find a home on the 3kStatic version of ‘I Want You’.

Gunrubber features cover photography of Sly Violet, as photographed by Dylan Andrew Miller. The “I Want You” single features original artwork by Tommy Wilson Design.

With releases on 19 labels worldwide since its inception in 1998, 3kStatic has been heavily influenced by the pioneers of industrial electronica – as well as the work of multi-media artists Guy Debord, William S. Burroughs and Byron Gysin.

3kStatic has collaborated with members, or former members, of: Kansas; Yes; ELO, Part II; Cabaret Voltaire; Hula; Pop Will Eat Itself; Public Enemy; Parliament-Funkadelic; Public Image Ltd.; King Crimson and others.

3kStatic has produced commissioned remixes for: Ku-Ling Bros.; KMFDM; Lords of Acid; Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Chris Vrenna (Nine Inch Nails), and many others.

Evolver: Distinctive Electronica – a 3kStatic sample and sound library was released by Sony Creative Software in 2009, and was accompanied by the full album Evolver.


Gunrubber by 3kStatic is released on jewel case disc, jacket disc, vinyl 12″, cassette and digital formats 28 January 2022. ‘I Want You’ will follow 4 February on digital, CD Single and DVD Single.