• 3kStatic

In a 22-year career perhaps best known for collaborations with a constellation of artists from across the music spectrum, – the 3kStatic electronic music project has continued to evolve, while also laying claiming to a unique place in the electronica deep underground.

Since the debut artist album Perversion: For Profit (2004 Neo MCC/Sony Music Germany), 3kStatic has seen releases on no fewer than 19 labels worldwide, and has been featured in numerous advertisements, independent films and, mostly notably – on the soundtrack of various MTV reality programs.

Heavily influenced by the pioneers of industrial electronica, the music of 3kStatic has been described as ‘anarchist disco’ – most notably for the project’s strict and continuing adherence to both the genre-clashing “cut and paste” sound creation and forward-facing political agitation of the Berlin Dada movement of the 1918-1920 Weimar Republic.

Substantial further influences include the Situationist / Letterist multi-media art of Guy Debord and the collaborations of William S. Burroughs and Byron Gysin.

Melding those esoteric influences with contemporary leftfield/IDM and ‘post-industrial house’, 3kStatic has somewhat quixotically notched numerous Top 25 dance tracks and radio/club play worldwide.

One reviewer noted that those influences made the experience of critiquing the 2006 album Where’s Our Piece of the Groovy World?   ‘more an art exhibition than record’, the album nevertheless reached #1 (iTunes Electronic/ Dance) in four countries across Europe, and remained in the Top 25 for ten weeks.


The 2008 follow-up Voodoo Science (Cargo Records Germany) was also an entry candidate (Best Electronic/Dance Album) for the 51st GRAMMY® Awards.

Sony Creative Software released the 3kStatic sound and sample library Evolver: Distinctive Electronica in 2009. The library also included the full album Evolver on companion CD.

Since 1998, 3kStatic has seen an ever-changing line-up, and has collaborated with members / former members of: Kansas; Yes; ELO, Part II; Cabaret Voltaire; Hula; Pop Will Eat Itself; Public Enemy; Parliament-Funkadelic; Public Image Ltd.; King Crimson and others.

3kStatic has also produced commissioned remixes for: Ku-Ling Bros.; KMFDM; Lords of Acid; Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Chris Vrenna (Tweaker/ Nine Inch Nails), and many others.

Also of note: the album art for the 2005 release Cut Up / Liberate was designed by Richard H. Kirk of Cabaret Voltaire.

The project’s most recent collaboration is the 2020 Kevin Max album Radio Teknika (Echoes From The Weirding Module).

After a 2014 return to the project’s solo origins, 3kStatic has seen the successive album releases Active Measures (2016) Deform Over Dysfunction (2017) and Idol Pleasures (2019) re-establish a “post-industial” approach, while reaching new marks in the streaming music charts.

The current 3kStatic LP Babalon Working was released on digital, disc and vinyl 15 January 2021. A follow-up album will be released 4 March 2022.